Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1940's 1950's Carhartt Lace Back Jeans

Here's an amazing pair of NOS Carhartt lace back jeans that popped up on eBay this week. Let's see how high they will climb before ending!!


Here's a few of the newer acts I plan on checking out while at VLV next week!

Mister Freedom x Strongman Leather Cuff

Here's a neat little item from the latest Mister Freedom collection! Hand made in California, this leather cuff comes in both natural and hand dyed black. You'll have to do the breaking in yourself as they do not come pre-distressed.

VLV 2012 - MUST SEE ACTS - Part II

Ok, here's a few bands that started back in the 1980's & 1990's  I'm really glad are on the bill! Can we call these the new legacy era of rockabilly? Big Sandy &  the Flyrite Trio, Jack Baymoore & the Bandits, the Planet Rockers, the Space Cadets and the Orbitunes!

VLV 2012 - Must See Acts - Original 1950's Artists

While I'm looking forward to catching many, many of the acts performing next week, I'm gonna lay out the ones I really don't want to miss here in a few posts. First off, I'm excited to see both Royce Porter & Don Woody. I've never seen either and I won't miss the chance this time!!!

Photo of the Day

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last Match Studios

Chris Martin, the driving force behind Last Match Studios, has brought to my attention their amazing brand of  t-shirts. You might not know him by name, but you've certainly seen his designs on brands like Levi's, Lucky Brand, Harley-Davidson, etc.. Last Match Studios was started in 1995 in San Francisco as a design/print shop and primarily dealt with the music industry. They have existed as a t-shirt brand for the past 4 years and implements Chris' amazing artwork using traditional design techniques, hand lettering and illustration.

His designs are very well done interpretations of classical mid 20th century artwork and brand logos. I've had the opportunity to both see and wear them myself and I can say they are a true value in the retro-design t-shirt market. The t-shirts themselves are similar to another Pasadena based brand (who shall remain nameless), but are their own animal. Slightly fitted, soft and thin like a vintage t-shirt would be. All 100% made in the US of A to boot. Here are a few of  Last Match's current offerings:

Speedway Japan x 1940's Style Cushman Chambray Pants

Speedway Japan now has Cushman black salt & pepper chambray pants back in stock in larger sizes! Available in 38W & 40W (also 30W & 36W...sorry 32W & 34W sold out fast), they are hands down the best pair of vintage reproduction workwear pants I've owned. Act fast, because they will surely go quickly! More info HERE.  Also be sure to check out Speedway's Face Book page for the latest products.

Photo of the Day

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1930's Gibraltar Brand Chore Jacket

Bam! This one broke the sound barrier on eBay yesterday....sold for over $3,200!!!! Anyone know the history of Gibraltar? I've neva hoid of em!

Mister Freedeom - Share If You Care

Mister Freedom Gunslinger Pantaloons

Are you ready for the fourth installment of MFSC 2012 "Men of the Frontier" collection? Well, ready or not, the Gunslinger Pantaloons are in stock! They are available in both indigo and desert denim twill on the Mister Freedom SITE. Inspired by the below 1904 photo, they are a very early style, high waisted pants with some very interesting details. Made in USA!

Photo of the Day


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