Tuesday, May 31, 2011

eWorkers K&TH Wabash Stripe Cap

More information about this amazing cap on the eWorkers blog:

Mister Freedom Wool Casquettes

Dig these new 1920's - 1930's style Casquettes (read 8-panel or newsboy in America) by Mister Freedom! Here's the skinny:

 Original Mister Freedom® single panel pattern, typical of 1920′s-30′s French gents’ caps.
FABRIC: 100 year old New Old Stock (NOS) French fabrics. Variety of all wool patterns, weave and colours. Solid, tweeds, herringbone, houndstooth in very limited quantities. (See last photo for an idea of how the fabric rolls looked like when found.)
LINING: NOS 1930′s sturdy black rayon and/or moleskine, printed with Mister Freedom® original artwork.
* Leather head band
* Decorative crown strap, secured by 1900′s french NOS glass buttons
* Functionning snap up brim (United Carr snap).
* All hand made in MF® Los Angeles atelier, by happy skilled artisans, while listening to good music.
SIZE: The can of worms…Few random sizes available, from about 57 cm to 60cm.
We use only one pattern, and due to variation in fabric thickness, fluctuating seam allowance, the crown size also varies sligthly +/- a few milimeters. No two casquettes are exactly the same.
57cm is close to US hat size 7 1/8
60cm is close to US hat size 7 1/2
CARE: Professional Hat cleaner Dry Cleaning ONLY, if needed. Do NOT wash.
Designed by Mister Freedom® and made in California in a limited edition.
From +/- 57 cm to +/- 60cm
Retail: $ 199.95

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Monday, May 30, 2011


The folks at the San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co. have these amazing new bags for offer. More information HERE!

Gangs of San Francisco - Grand Opening Party - June 9th, 2011

We're having a party!

Thursday June 9th, celebrates the opening of the highly awaited Gangs of San Francisco retail store, located at 66 Gough Street, near Market. The space was built by hand by local designer, DIY Queen and creator of Workshop, Kelly Malone, from all recycled wood, old whiskey & wine cases, as well as vintage suitcases. It feels like a secret speakeasy but for tee shirts and you don't need a password to get in. We will be having a party for the shop featuring some very limited edition tees. Also the same night Kelly Malone will be having the reception for her art show at Hotel Biron which is just around the corner from the shop. Come celebrate with us, check out the shop, learn some history, have a drink and buy some tees.

Limited and available only at the party!!!!

The Unofficial Burger King of San Francisco!!!

In collaboration with GRFX66 we are doing a limited run of tees celebrating Arthur B. Zimmerman the "Unofficial Burger King" of S.F. and his now defunct and missed Bay Area chain of Zim's restaurants. Limited to 50 tees and only available the night of the opening!!!

Oakland in the house!!!

After many request for a East Bay tee I've finally caved in and once again with GRFX66 at the design helm we are paying homage to the golden days of Bay Area minor league Baseball. Little is known about the Oakland Casket Company team other then this dusty old photo and now this dandy new tee!
We went all out on these! Discharge printed for a soft worn feel on a super distressed vintage style tee. This shirt will feel like you've owned it forever from the moment you first wear it.

Take the Emo out of Chemo!

This dandy number will also be on the racks opening night. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this tee will go to help Kelly pay for her cancer treatment. If you'd like more info about her battle with the C word go here. $3 from the sale of all other items will also be donated to Kelly as well.

Frank Booth would be proud!!!!

Lastly, Pabst Blue Ribbon is sponsoring our party so come on down and fill your gullet with the beer of beers on us! If beer ain't yer thing, any Celiacs in da house?, wine will be available at Hotel Biron just around the corner!
Here is the vital info:
What: GOSF Opening Party & K. Malone's Art Show
When: Thursday, June 9th, 7-11pm
Where: 66 Gough & 45 Rose Street
©2011 Gangs of San Francisco | SF, CA 94121

The Cues - "Killer Diller"

Happy Memorial Day - Thank A Veteran

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

1930's 1940's Buddy Lee Doll

This one is quite unusual in his matching duck chore cap and overalls. It has the long "L" on the buttons and the housemark tag. This Buddy Lee sold for just shy of $2,200 on eBay and is the most I've seen one sell for in a while. 

Photo of the Day

Friday, May 27, 2011

Elvis and His Creepy Cousin

You gotta admit Elvis' cousin, found lurking in photos and films alike, was a little creepy and menacing. As part of the Memphis Mafia crew, it's clear he was a hanger on and probably took full advantage of the throng of screaming young ladies. Here's a few shots of him and the King.

Photo of the Day

Thursday, May 26, 2011

1934 Sugar Cane World's Fair Souvenir Shirt

Sugar Cane has made an exact reproduction of a shirt that was available as a souvenir at the 1934 World's Fair exposition. Available in black, indigo and navy, this shirt is made in Japan with 100% selevdge cotton. Available at Self Edge:

Grapes of Wrath - The Stronghold Denim Overalls

I was watching the classic depression era movie "Grapes of Wrath" last night and my wife noticed with her keen eye that Fonda was wearing a pair of Stronghold overalls. I couldn't find a good screen capture of the larger label on the back, but here are few shots of him wearing overalls in the movie (may or may not be Stronghold):

The Stronghold brand was revived in the past few years and has become an entity unto itself. Originally established in 1895, their goods are highly sought after by dealers and collectors of denim. Digging around, I found a pair of overalls and a nice coverall chore coat that was featured a while back on the Sanforized blog:


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