Thursday, May 24, 2012

PF Flyers - 75th Anniversary Grounder II x Unionmade Goods

I was converted and baptized into the PF Flyer family by my friend Leo Villasenor many years ago. These new PF Flyer 75th anniversary Grounder II model have really caught my eye! Guaranteed comfort, fit and longevity...lose the Chucks! Get em here at Unionmade Goods!

Photo of the Day

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Factory Finish Shoe Repair Dearborn, MI

Just had a 3 year old pair of Frye Brando engineer boots resoled/heeled by these guys and I couldn't be happier. The new rubber heel and leather half sole ran me a sweet $55! Check em' out HERE...they take mail in orders. They also helped to out with a pair of RRL engineers that needed the shaft class all around!

Photo of the Day

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

John Lofgren & Co. Engineer Boots - Pre-Order/Reservation

The long awaited John Lofgren & Co. engineers boots are now available for pre-order! Hours and hours of research, design and sweat have gone into the making of these beauties. Sizes 7 - 12 in a D width (no half sizes) at a cost of 79,800jpy. More info HERE!

CXXVI Clothing co. - Spring 2012 Tees

CXXVI's spring collection is now up on their site including a stellar selection of new tees. Hand printed in the USA./$36. Get em' HERE.

Found Photo

Here's one a friend found for me late last year at the flea market...amazing denim!

Photo of the Day

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dehen 1920 Closeout & Sample Sale

Dehen 1920  is having a sale on their closeout & sample sale for their 2011 coats, jackets and sweaters. Sizes and quantities are limited, so get em' while their hot and nicely priced! For ordering, contact .


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