Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sun Surf 2011 - Star of Hollywood

Some of the most highly sought after shirts of the 1950's were the wild prints and bold colors of the "Star of Hollywood" brand. Featuring such crazy subject matters as tarantulas and Alfred E. Newman, the originals are elusive and fetch sky high prices. Sun Surf has added severals shirts from the original Star of Hollywood line to their 2011 offerings. More information available HERE!


Mose said...

Damn, I want that Riddim shirt!

Matt Strickland said...

All nice stuff...wonder how much of they will repro? Shrunken heads!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the fish and african models. But the vultures and spiders are a little bit difficult to wear ???!!!

French cancan said...

famous pink Tarantula model! Nice design in pink background!

Anonymous said...

Of course, nothing is unwearable for our French Dandy !!! ;p


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