Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stock Vintage on ACL

Blog extraordinaire A Continuous Lean has a feature article on Melissa Howard and her store Stock Vintage, NYC. Check it out HERE!

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Laurence John said...

it seems inevitable that vintage clothing shops would evolve from the slightly shabby type of old to chic boutiques such as this one.

while i think it looks like a charming environment, i realise that shops like this (which push the idea of scarcity and authenticity) are in part responsible for the big increase in vintage clothing prices in the last 4 years.

again, the increase in price seems inevitable, as items become more and more scarce, but i do miss the days when i could buy a cool 30s cardigan for under $100 on american ebay (and glad i bought all the knitwear i did around 1999 to 2006).

good times for sellers. not so good for the average-waged vintage buyer.


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