Thursday, February 17, 2011

Men's File Magazine

Described as a "modern magazine tracing the roots of style", Men's File is off to a roaring start. Covering artists & artisans as well as a wide variety of fashion & lifestyle subjects. There is also a glamorous style girlie spread (no vulgar nudity or poses thank you very much) that wouldn't make you blush if your mother took a peek at it. I also had the good fortune to run into staff photog Nick Clements at the Inspiration show in Long Beach. Nick is responsible for many of the amazing photo spreads in Men's File. You can pick up the mag in the U.S. on line at Self-Edge or any of the RRL stores in NYC.

1 comment:

repeatclicks said...

I've got issue one, and it has photos that would make my mother blush, but tastefully. Looks like they got rid of the boobs now though, not that it matters.

I guess the first two issues are really hard to find now? Makes me wish I bought issue two when I had the chance.


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