Friday, October 31, 2014

SJC Pioneer to Punk - Made from Japanese Selvedge denim!

A collection of denim designs inspired by USA 1920s to 80s made from 100% Japanese ring-spun selvedge denim for both men and women.
A rising tide lifts all boats.  All over the world traditional artisans are falling by the wayside fast: tailors, leather-smiths, cordwainers, the list is endless.  They're being wiped out by mass production.  Yet some of us don't want to look like a factory clone.  Some of us want high quality, heritage clothing.  With your help, we intend to unleash an entire collection and to build a design platform.  The goal is to fulfil the needs of you the specialist consumer and in tandem support these endangered crafts-people. 
Denim, being mass produced, and even in smaller batches, is a great example, as it often fails to address the issue of capturing a distinct heritage look and fit, over demands for cheapness and mass consumption.  The only thing that comes close is Japanese vintage style denim.  We love Japanese denim.  But as westerners we struggle to fit into their cuts; as it's shaped for a Japanese body of course, and in Japanese sizes natch, and yeah it's pricey! One other thing we don't like: little if any of this caters for women.  So with a dedicated eye to a western fit, an affordable price point and historical styling SJC presents cultural denim hits of 20th-century USA! 

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