Thursday, October 27, 2011

1930's 1940's Stifel Fabric Cotton Work Pants

This neat pair of work pants made of fine striped Stifel moleskin fabric just sold for a cool $709 on eBay. I think this pair is likely from the 1940's rather than the 1930's as listed in the auction, but I could be proved wrong. There is no maker's mark on them, so they could have been produced almost anywhere (seller is in Canada). Stifel made millions of yards of fabric for clothing manufacturers all over the world.

Vintage clothing made of Stifel fabrics are among the most highly sought after by collectors for their quality and patterned designs. J.L. Stifel & Sons was started in the 1830's in Wheeling, West Virginia by German immigrant Johann Ludwig Stifel and was carried on into the twentieth century by his family. The Stifel plant even converted to war production during both world wars and was the first textile plant to win the joint Army-Navy "E" production award. The plant finally closing due to reduction in the use of cotton fabric in 1957.


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best of eBay

Frankie's Tiki Room Las Vegas - Neon Sign Stolen

"FRANKIE'S NEON SIGN STOLEN !!!!!!! 3 weeks ago a person with close ties to the tiki community was in Frankie's Tiki Room asking a lot of questions about our exterior pink neon signs. He told staff that he liked our neon signs and wanted one just like them. He said he had a friend who worked professionally with neon and hoped his friend could help him obtain a neon sign just like the ones outside Frankie's. He went so far as to go outside and closely inspect our pink neon ... 2 days later the neon sign "TIKI ROOM" on the east side of the building was stolen. According to our sign company it had been professionally cut and removed.

If this criminal, who many of you know, was stupid enough to steal the neon sign after asking about it, then he is undoubtedly stupid enough to show it off or talk about it. That is why we have waited so long to go public about this.

If you should see our neon or hear about it, please call Las Vegas Metro Police immediately. The police incident number is: LLV 111011002572."

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Gentleman's Vintage Show NYC - November 4th & 5th 2011

Yes! It's another men's vintage show (there are too few), this time in Manhattan. The Gentleman's Vintage Show will feature top notch vintage clothing from the likes of Snappy Gabs (Los Angeles), Heller's Cafe (Seattle),  Strongarm (NYC) and Bobby (Boston). Be sure to check out of all the details HERE! Admission is a paltry $10! Show times are 1pm - 8pm on the 4th & 11am - 6pm on the 5th.

Levi's LVC Wool Mackinaw jacket

Levi's Vintage Clothing has some pretty amazing items in their 2011 Fall line-up this year. One of my favorites is this incredible shawl collar wool Mackinaw jacket done in an early 1900's style. Not the cheapest jacket on the market, however, it's still at or below what you'd pay for a comparable vintage one. No LVC store in your area? Unionmade Goods has it  in stock in their on-line store. Special thanks to our friend Roy from SuperFuture for loaning us these great looking photos!

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