Thursday, October 27, 2011

1930's 1940's Stifel Fabric Cotton Work Pants

This neat pair of work pants made of fine striped Stifel moleskin fabric just sold for a cool $709 on eBay. I think this pair is likely from the 1940's rather than the 1930's as listed in the auction, but I could be proved wrong. There is no maker's mark on them, so they could have been produced almost anywhere (seller is in Canada). Stifel made millions of yards of fabric for clothing manufacturers all over the world.

Vintage clothing made of Stifel fabrics are among the most highly sought after by collectors for their quality and patterned designs. J.L. Stifel & Sons was started in the 1830's in Wheeling, West Virginia by German immigrant Johann Ludwig Stifel and was carried on into the twentieth century by his family. The Stifel plant even converted to war production during both world wars and was the first textile plant to win the joint Army-Navy "E" production award. The plant finally closing due to reduction in the use of cotton fabric in 1957.


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