Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Modified Vintage Military Bag

I collect a lot of these military bags and to be honest I couldn't really figure out what this one was. Probably an ammo or mail or some other type of bag. Made of canvas with a pocket on the back, I thought it would make a nice messenger type bag. I made and added a nice leather strap to it and my wife Siobhan sewed the squadron patch on it for me. Dragged stuff around in at the flea market on Sunday and it worked out pretty good.

1951 Esquire Magazine Pocket Pin-Up Calendar

Ooooooh la la! Need I say more? Before the days of Maxim, Esquire had em' all heated up! Neat nifty pocket sized fold out calendar from 1951.

1950's Levi's Jeans Brochure

Marked 1954, this kitchy brochure about Indian (read Native American) folklore was sponsored by Levi's Strauss!

Phil Gray - "Pepper Hot Baby"

1940's WWII M-43 Jacket With Custom Octopus Art

More and more amazing stuff showing up on eBay these days. This one went for a whopping $425! Not so bad if you consider it a one of a kind piece of art work!

Photo of the Day

Friday, March 26, 2010

Old Finck's Overalls Advertising Sign

With the destruction of many old buildings going on in Detroit, things are often popping up to reveal themselves. Here's one that I've passed by many times on Michigan Ave., but never had the time to capture. Thanks to Dan for this one!

1900's 1910's Peabody Overalls Print Block

Super rare early 1900's printing block from the Peabody's Overall company. Sent in by my good friend in NYC Sebastian.

1940's Big Yank Blue Chambray

Here's another bang up Big Yank shirt. This one sold for over $600! Guess my dream of owning an original is getting further and further away.

Johnny Watson - "Space Guitar"

Photo of the Day

Thursday, March 25, 2010

1950's Vintage Studded Jeweled Belt

I got this on eBay for my wife as an early anniversary present. Had to replace a couple of the missing jewels, but I got it for a fairly low price. My wife was pretty thrilled!

Andre Williams Is Back!

After having had the opportunity to see Andre perform both in Cleveland and Detroit last weekend, I can truly say it was a great pleasure to see him in such good form. His voice is strong and his stage presence was amazing! Special kudos to Detroit's own Party Stompers for doing such a fantastic job of backing him up. Here's a few pics I took at the show. Sadly, the sound on the videos is poor...time for better recording device?

New Bag From KT&H on e-Workers Blog

Takashi at e-Workers makes some of the best reproduction work wear available today. Here's a new bag he's got in the works:

Howlin' Wolf - "Smokestack Lightning" (With Willie Dixon & Hubert Sumlin)

Photo Of The Day

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1940's WWII U.S. Navy Personalized Canvas Bag

Selling for $1,500, this one of a kind WWII U.S. Navy bag is nothing short of amazing. Possibly done on a long voyage back from the Pacific, the hand painted figures are truly a work of art. 


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