Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Modified Vintage Military Bag

I collect a lot of these military bags and to be honest I couldn't really figure out what this one was. Probably an ammo or mail or some other type of bag. Made of canvas with a pocket on the back, I thought it would make a nice messenger type bag. I made and added a nice leather strap to it and my wife Siobhan sewed the squadron patch on it for me. Dragged stuff around in at the flea market on Sunday and it worked out pretty good.


A said...

Great posts lately! Love every one.

Matt Strickland said...

Thanks Amanda!!!

Unknown said...

Lookin' good, brother! Cool that you guys whipped this up while I was there!

Matt Strickland said...

Thanks Danny! Are you going to the Hillbilly Blues night in Hamtramck? Gonna be there with some new 45's!

Rothco Military said...

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