Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dillinger July 22, 1934....

"Stranger, stop and wish me well,
             Just say a prayer for my soul in hell.
I was a good fellow, most people said,
            Betrayed by a woman all dressed in red."

1 comment:

French cancan said...

If Dillinger really had the dressing room Johnny depp worn in the movie, especialy his leather jacket, I will pray for him tonight ;-))) and you MAtt, vey nice new tatoo, I really like your spanish one !!!!! and what studded cuff are you wearing on the tatoo studio… is it one of your handmade model… I want to order you one guy !!!! give me info about it… Cecile send you a kiss to you and to madam MAtt… I was with her at the phone…


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