Tuesday, April 19, 2011

J.D. McPherson - "North Side Gal" - Live on WGN!



SC John said...

love that 1960s sound

Matt Strickland said...

Is that what commentators said? Cloons!

Anonymous said...

Mc Pherson will create the emulation in spanish festival soon. So impatient to see the show !!!

BTW, it's me or Jimmy Sutton is so smart ?
All the girlz are in love of Sutton ha ha ha ha !!!

Matt Strickland said...

HA! The "Silver Fox"...he thinks he is!! LOL!!! J.D. is incredible!

Robert Dean said...

Best record of 2011, easily. It should be getting all of the praise that Adele is getting for "21" right now. It's steeped in rawness that isn't forced or slick. It's extremely solid and well thought out music.


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