Sunday, October 10, 2010

1930's Studded Jeweled Belt With Navajo Buckle

This one went unsold  with a $375 BIN price on eBay. You can see from the solder marks on the back of the buckle that it at one time had jewels. Stamped with "whirling logs" Navajo symbol, it predates WWII when the swastika became unfavorable as a design element in the United States.


Monsieur C. said...

great belts Matt!the patina is beautiful, jewel , cloud and leather, wow!

Matt Strickland said...

Wish it were mine, but $375 is just too rich for my blood! I have a similar one that I've made for myself to wear.

deluxestyling said...

Funny thing... I just had Sam the strap man make me an identical belt. I have have a similar buckle on it too made by Hot Rod Works.


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