Monday, December 27, 2010

Lofgren Vest & Newsboy Cap!

Santa Claus (well, the mailman) just delivered a late Christmas gift! A brand new Lofgren hunting vest and newsboy cap from Speedway. John has never failed to amaze me with each of his new products. High quality, fast service and a great value to boot.


Unknown said...

The hnting vest is awsome. We sold the first out of three after just two hours on opening day (of unionville) and the second after a few days. Now i'm about to buy the last one.
Good pick Matt.

Unknown said...

Well...the cap is also awsome of course.

Matt Strickland said...

Thanks Fredrik! How was your Jul?

Unknown said...

Julen was great, thanks. We hung out at ├ůsas brothers house and drank irish coffee.

Patrick Segui RIVETED said...

ordered the hat friday .....we'll be twins

Matt Strickland said...

Nice Fred and Pat!!!


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