Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Legs Inn - Cross Village, MI

After tooling around Wilderness State Park and taking the pooches for a stroll along Lake Michigan, the obvious choice for dinner was the historic Legs Inn in Cross Village, MI. The weather last Friday was a little cool, but at a high of 70F it was a perfect time to eat out on the back patio and catch the sun going down over the lake. Accompanied by my wife Siobhan and her niece Fiona, we enjoyed a nice meal of traditional Polish fare.

Legs Inn was built by Polish immigrant Stanely Smolak beginning in the late 1920's and it's design is an expression of his love of nature and Native American culture. Still family run, it has a large beer selection, friendly staff and great food. The decor is a combination of fantastic taxidermy and wood carving. Here's some shots of the trip:

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