Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inspiration Vol. 3 - February 10th & 11th 2012

Just a quick reminder that the super bowl of vintage and inspired brands, Inspiration Vol. 3, is coming up fast! More info. HERE! Be sure to check out the Rose Bowl flea market on Sunday the 12th also!


Patrick Segui RIVETED said...

a lot of riveted followers asked me if i'll go .i was hoping to go with a bunch of tees to "represent" but unfortunately i'll be working this week end .my good friend Greg and his wife will be there. we were suposed to go all together.arararagghh

Matt Strickland said...

Wish you were going!

Patrick Segui RIVETED said...

you can always talk about me there. ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Weirdo that they put a modern guy in his shaperoom as poster ? Looks like more a fish fry event than a vintage clothing meeting.


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