Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lofgren Salt-N-Pepper Railroad Shirts Are Back At Speedway!

Here's a note from Speedway owner John Lofgren:

The new Lofgren Traditional Garment railroad work shirts just got in. The shirts are similar to the last run but come in black and brown salt-n-pepper chambray and feature wine color bar tack stitching. See attached photos.
At the time of writing this there's about 50 shirts left, so don't hesitate if you want to get one. The shirt is about 1 inch shorter than the other Lofgren shirts produced in the past so they look good untucked in warmer weather, but tucking in is still an option for guys of average height. We're keeping the price the same as before: $139.00. And yes, that includes free shipping. You can simply Paypal $139.00 to and include the color and size you want. You can check out the latest goods at their Japanese site.

We will send by EMS, which is fast, fully insured and comes with a tracking number too. 
The sizes are 36, 38, 40, 42 & 44. Overall shrinkage after a soaking or wash will be approx. 1 inch. See below for pre-soak sizing.

Size 36:
Chest: 20.5 inches
Length: 28 inches
Sleeves: 24.5 inches
Shoulders: 18 inches
Size 38:
Chest: 21.75 inches
Length: 29 inches
Sleeves: 25 inches
Shoulders: 18.25 inches
Size 40:
Chest: 22.5 inches
Length: 29.75 inches
Sleeves: 25.25 inches
Shoulders: 19 inches 
Size 42:
Chest: 22.75 inches
Length: 30.5 inches
Sleeves: 25.5 inches
Shoulders: 19.5 inches
Size 44:
Chest: 23.75 inches
Length: 30.75 inches
Sleeves: 26.25 inches
Shoulders: 20 inches

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