Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Leather Mail Bag

Thanks to my pal John Dickerman for picking this up for me. Some painful hand sewn seam repairs, reconditioning and a new strap and I've got a nice little carry all.


SC John said...

Nice Purse, learn how to use the sewing awl that I sent with it, and save the fingies.

were you able to turn it inside out to get to the stiching?


Matt Strickland said...

LOL!! Hell yeah, I soaked it some super hot water and flipped it inside out. Had to re-soak a little after the sewing job was done. Thanks again man!


Unknown said...

Hey there. I've enjoyed reading your blog, and have a personal interest in vintage leather.

I was wondering if you might share your method for reconditioning the leather mail bag. It looks infinitely better now than the original condition as pictured on Blacktop Hero.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

nice bag!!

Matt Strickland said...

Thanks Matthew! No giant secret really. I use Pecard's Antique Leather Dressing. You can get it here:

The only other thing I did was wash the entire bag in a tub with warm water and shampoo. Took a lot of the dirt off and got rid of a musty odor.


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