Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photo of the Day


Unknown said...

Cool pic. I would love to have an old Gibson like that. (Not that I could play it like Gutherie)

Unrelated: Your blog has inspired me to try to create one of my own:
Hope it's okay that I added a link to here on it.

Matt Strickland said...

It's a great guitar! I have a Gibson J-150 and a Martin em both!

Unknown said...

Have you seen the Guthrie biopic "Bound for Glory?" I caught about half of it on TV a few months back. Fantastic costuming, lots of good ol' fashioned workwear and such. Here's a pic

Matt Strickland said...

That's an excellent movie! My favorite line is "the more you eat, the more you have to shit"! LOL!!!


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