Monday, December 6, 2010

Shawl Collar, Shawl Collar...My Kingdom For A Shawl Collar!

These suckers are going to break the $1,000 mark soon! Selling for $709, this remarkably worn and repaired plain black 1920's or 1930's example went off the other day on eBay.


Laurence John said...

i'm sure the $1000 mark has already been passed...a black and yellow one went for $1200 a couple of months ago, if memory serves. i saved a picture of it but not the link to the listing.

imagine how many moth eaten old shawl collar cardigans have been thrown out over the years by people thinking they were worthless !

Matt Strickland said...

Black and yellow? Like a bumble bee! LOL!! I meant plain black going over a $1,000...still fucking ridiculous for a ratty old sweater.


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