Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gentlmen's Vintage Show NYC - Nov. 9th/10th

Gentlemen's Vintage Show & Sale 

New York City's Only Men's Vintage Clothing Show and Sale

 Men’s vintage clothing is a market that is often over-looked because of it’s hard-to-find nature. Not any more! The Gentlemen’s Vintage Show will be the greatest collective of men’s vintage fashion in the country, featuring 23 premier men’s vintage clothing dealers. These collections are where the top fashion designers turn to for inspiration. Take advantage of this opportunity. It happens just once a year.

Exhibitors: Amalgamated,  The Archives, Bobby from Boston,  Bogart & Moore Vintage, Dated Vintage,  David Owens Vintage Clothing,  Daybreak,  Heller’s Cafe,  Honeymoon Antiques,  House of Martini,
In Vintage We Trust,  Incogneeto, Jae Jarrell Gents Vintage,  Kakkoii Mono,  Metropolis Vintage,
Peter Schubert,  Recursive,  Chic,  Snappy Gabs,  Strongarm C & S Co.

More info HERE!

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