Friday, July 8, 2011

Fred "Killer" Burke

Contract killer, armed robber, and all around madman run amuck, Fred Burke is surely the inspiration for many movie mobster characters including the "Dane" in Miller's Crossing (he went by the alias of Fred Dane). Burke was born Thomas Camp in 1893 and died in prison in 1940 while serving a life sentence for murder. He remains the prime suspect in the famous St. Valentine's Day massacre and his gang is reputed to have stolen over ten million dollars in armed robberies.

Fred Burke 1929:

St. Louis Police photos 1929 (Fred Burke is on the right):

St. Louis Arrest Photo 1925:

Some members of Fred Burke's gang:

1929 Berrien County Sherrif's arrest photo:

Michigan State Police Rap Sheet:


Baby Faces On Line Journal

Berrien County Sheriff's Department

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