Thursday, July 28, 2011

1940's Vintage Sweatshirt

This is the stuff that RRL dreams of recreating, but only time can produce. It was up on eBay and for life me I can't find the closed auction. I think it ended in the $250 - $350 range if my memory serves me correctly. The double V and flocked lettering make this one especially nice in my opinion. In case you were wondering (I did at one point) the stitched V is put into the sweatshirt so it can be cut or notched out. An old timer told me they did this and I'm sure he new!


The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co. said...

Hey Matt, I could be totally wrong but I believe the V neck detail is an expansion gusset placed in that location to allow the neck to stretch. That's why it is the same type of material used for the neck, cuffs & waist and runs in the same vertical direction.

Matt Strickland said...

I think it could make sense either way, but the feature will definitely help keep the shirt from unraveling if the notch is cut/cut out. This geezer told me everyone on his football team did it.

Devon Hanofski said...

I have read that it acts like a sponge to absorb sweat.


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