Thursday, July 7, 2011

1930's 1940's Lace Back Carhartt Denim Pants

This nicely patina'd pair of lace back pants by Carhartt sold fairly low at $540 on eBay yesterday. Perhaps not the most popular style, they are pretty rare to find in any condition. I would have to say they are inspired by earlier denim and wool U.S. Navy sailor pants. I've seen a few pairs of similar repro pants in the past couple of years (some good, some bad), but nothing compares to that original denim.

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Ballyhoo Vintage News said...

I once had a pair of these that was used in the film Across the Universe. We sold them for a similar number but i was also surprised how low these went in an open auction. Anvil also did lace back jeans. The denim was lighter and the waist was higher. Probably more likely 40s. The carharrts have a great 30s cowboy look to them.


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