Monday, October 25, 2010

20th Century Box Rockabilly


repeatclicks said...

Man, 80s rockabilly always looks like a drunken good time. Everybody is always sweaty though, and the fashions were shite! God knows how many rare jackets got ruined in the UK rockabilly 80s scene.

repeatclicks said...

I also like that in the 2nd video the narrator says Perkins came after Presley, and put up a crap 70s video of him haha.

It is a fun informative video though.

Matt Strickland said...

I'm just wondering how many pairs of vintage Levi's were in those bails!

French cancan said...

it reminds me some good times… I bought many clothes in flip vintage shop in convent garden/London at the begining of the 90's ! good prices compared today !!!!

Matt Strickland said...

I can only imagine what was's been peeled here in the US for quite some time. Most large quantities of things having going to Japan and Europe.

repeatclicks said...

Man tell me about it! Can you imagine all the amazing stuff that got brought over to the UK?! I have a few older friends who were in the rockin scene in the 80s and said you could get the most amazing gear so cheap!

Now you got to camden and a shirt is £100-150 ($150-225)!


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