Saturday, October 30, 2010

1930's Style Leather Trimmed Jacket by Warp & Woof

The folks over at Warp & Woof have this beautifully crafted wool with leather trim jacket coming down the pipeline soon. Hopefully someone in the U.S. will take the cue and make a similar one soon!


Matt Lodder said...

That's absolutely, endlessly wonderful. And have you seen the pants they sell?! I am endlessly (and hopelessly) in lust.

Why on earth don't stores like this do direct sales & international shipping? They'd make a killing.

Is there anywhere online that sells this company's stuff in a way I can actually order it from them?

Matt Strickland said...

You can always use a proxy to buy the stuff for you. I'm not sure if they would sell it to you directly or not as I haven't tried yet. At 6' 4", most of the Japanese clothing is far to small for me.

Matt Lodder said...

I'm a perfectly sized 38R, 30/30... which makes the lack of easy ordering all the more frustrating.

Seriously, do you know why so many Japanese sellers eschew international shipping?

Matt Strickland said...

I'm not sure if WW do or could try contacting them?

Mose said...

Damn, that's nice!

flattop said...


After living in Japan for five years, I came to the realization that there is still a pervasive attitude of "exclusivity" and downright xenophobia in that country. The irony, of course, in this case is that these companies are copying AMERICAN clothes yet stubbornly (for the most part) refusing to cater to the international market. Jubilee Shoes was a prefect example; I met the owner plenty of times and practically begged him to make a certain model in size 11, and he refused with the lame excuse "it was too much trouble". It seems Japanese repro manufacturers are content to depend on Japanese consumers for sales, and the hell with the rest of the world.

flattop said...

edit above:


Matt Strickland said...

I think that attitude is fading among the younger generation...the shoes I can understand as they have to make a last for each size and that can be very expensive and time consuming.

When Jubilee was in full swing, the American market was hardly ready to pay the kind of money they cost. I see a distinct change in the market and a willingness to pay more for quality hand made products.

Hell, even RRL sells their overpriced made in China crap at a premium fairly easily.

flattop said...

Matt, Perhaps...but if a non-Japanese sent an email to Warp & Woof asking for bigger "Western" sizes, I doubt he or she would get an answer. (I've dealt with them as well)

Hopefully the cat from e-workers will get into 30s-style leather jackets in the near least he's willing to work with us.

Matt Strickland said...

I hope that's just a language barrier issue...I would just use a proxy. Knowing that they don't make things in our size, it's not an issue for me really.


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