Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Repro 45's

There's been a rash of reproduction 45's coming out of the UK and the EU recently of various 1940's - 1960's rockabilly, hillbilly, r&b, soul, etc. . All you need to do is poke around on eBay and you're sure to find some killers. As a DJ, it's nice to be able to find this stuff available on vinyl. It would be nicer to find the original, but some things you just might never this little ditty by Harold Shultters & His Rocats on Goldenrod:

Also take a listen to this crazy hillbilly bopper by the Custer Bottoms - "Stood Up Blues":

Word to the wise though, there are a few 45's being repro'd that are fairly easy to find on original pressings. Be sure to do your research!

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