Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photo of the Day


Mose said...

All-time favourite!

First saw this movie when I was eight or nine, sleeping over at my older cousins house.This one, and 'White Heat'. Changed my life.
Haven't had a good nights sleep since...

vintage workwear said...

Fantastic film, one of my favorites! RM, Lillian Gish and that haunting lullaby.
FYI... filming locations included CBS Studio Center @ Radford St. in Studio City and Rowland V. Lee Ranch @ Fallbrook Ave. in Canoga Park, both located in The San Fernando Valley.

Anonymous said...

Oh la la what a great movie. The photography is fantastic. The psychology and human souls are apprehended with intelligence. Modern cinema doesn't done better 60 years after !!!

The view of the dead mother leashed to the car in the water, is one of the greatest cinema plan of the century.


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