Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dehen 1920

Dehen Knitting Co. has been manufacturing knitwear and woolen goods in Portland, OR since 1920. They are world famous for their motorcycle sweaters and have been recently reviving their heritage products. Their new line, "Dehen 1920" is prepared to take the world by storm. According to their FB page, they will have limited quantities available from their on-line SITE soon. They also already have an impressive list of stockists! Here's a few things that really caught my eye from their F/W 2011 line:


French cancan said...

all shawl collar… sold out !!!
Damned !

Matt Strickland said...

I don't think they are really available on the site yet. I hope to get a black on myself!

French cancan said...

we have to be vigilent !!!
I ordered an olive one on "what price glory"… I'm waiting for it !!!! Thanks for the info Matt !

Matt Strickland said...

Excellent Arnaud! Let me know how the WPG sweater is....on the fence about it. I wouldn't wear cream and I'm not sure OD is for me either. Really hoping for a nice black one.

Unknown said...

Yes, our on-line store is inactive at the moment, as our stock is too low to offer a legitimate assortment.

That said...the Shawl Sweater coat is available at Woodlands (Portland), AB Fits (San Fran), Palmer Trading (NY) and Grahame Fowler (NY). Woodlands and AB Fits have on-line stores, and the others will be happy to take an order over the phone.

Feel free to email with any other questions.


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