Thursday, March 18, 2010

1930's Diamonds & Squares Studded Jeweled Belt With Navajo Buckle

Sadly, I was outbid on this beauty on eBay! Great detail and original buckle with Navajo symbol of peace. After 1936 or so, use the Navajo symbol declined and disappeared in the United States because of it's association with the National Socialist Party in Germany.

It looks like there may have been glass jewels on the buckle originally due to the soldering that was done on both the front and back of the buckle. Probably fell off at some point...during a brawl or ride on bucking bronco?

I particularly like how the nickel plating has worn off some of the studs to reveal the brass. This belt has a great patina and has definitely been worn a lot.

While this particular belt sold for over $200, they were originally sold out of catalogs like Sears & Montgomery Wards for the super low price of $1.44!

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