Thursday, March 4, 2010

1940's Big Yank Black Chambray

Here's a recent sale that went for a mind bending $2,150 on eBay! NOS 1940's Big Yank chambray shirt in a most desirable black. Dig it the most!!!


Anonymous said...

Excuse me i'm not familiar with numbers traduced in english. When you said 2,150$ you mean 2 dollars and 15 cents or 2150 $ ?
If it's the second response who could buy a shirt even it's from the 40's at this price ?? It's a canular ??? is the Seller buy to himself just to show that's possible to buy at this price and encouraged sells ????

Matt Strickland said...

I'll write it out long hand for you: TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS!

Two big wheels in the vintage clothing industry battled it out over the shirt. I think normally something of this caliber would go for $350 - 500.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i'm french i comprehend quickly you just have to repeat several times ha ha ha.
Waouh it's so exhorbiting !
Big wheels ? Who ? Financial Speculators or again Brad Pitt ??? Hope he won't fall with the shirt like he run a motorbike

Matt Strickland said...

LOL!!! My college French wore off a long time ago.

Two big on the west coast and one on the east coast. I'd can't name names.


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