Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cooperstown Ball Cap Company - Sad News

I was at the Detroit Athletic Company ( yesterday afternoon checking out their wares and was told by the clerk that Cooperstown Ball Cap Company was out of business as of late last year. Here's the note on their site (


Regrettably, after twenty-three years of making fine historic replica ball caps, Cooperstown Ball Cap Company has discontinued operations. Commercial, financial and legal difficulties; and the complexity of sewing one-of-a-kind caps in the U.S, make this decision inevitable. We thank all our customers for whom, over the years, we have been pleased to make a true vintage ball cap. All orders in house will be fulfilled and, to the extent we can, CBC will post links on this website to other firms making a similar cap. If you have any questions we can be reached by e-mail. Willy "Old Clothes" Arlt, Managing Director, Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. Inc"
Sad news, as they were makers of some of the finest reproduction ball caps available. Here's one that I sport to Tiger games:


1935 wool cap with leather band and cut to specs for when the Tigers played at Navin Field. Pick em' up while you still can!

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