Friday, March 12, 2010

Young, English and Rockabilly - The Caezars!


art deco dame said...

oh god I think I spend too much time on Facebook I just seriously looked for a like button

Anonymous said...

When i have discover them i really think that it was a joke, they are so young, but they are really play and are playfull promises. Rockababies ! ; )
English always surprised me, may be the next generation after "The Playboys" or "Carlos and the Bandidos". Who knows ????
I really want to see them on stage, i'm curious.

John said...

Thanks for the introduction - never heard of these Cats before.

repeatclicks said...

I saw these guys at a tiny bar over here last month. They sounded great!

Will be coming back to Detroit next month, hope to find some good bits around!

Matt Strickland said...

Hey Repeatclicks! Let me know when you'll be in town!




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